terça-feira, 12 de outubro de 2010

Come out =D

In addition to being COLUMBUS DAY, it is also NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY.

National Coming Out Day is held on October 11th every year to commemorate the first March on Washington by LBGT people. The March took place in October of 1987 and highlighted the lesbigay struggle for acceptance. The first National Coming Out Day was held on October 11, 1988.
The purpose of National Coming Out Day is to promote honesty and openness about being lesbian, gay or bisexual. LAMBDA celebrates this day with activities and resources designed to support coming out. LAMBDA also conducts ongoing projects to help enable our queer brothers and sisters to take their next steps out of the closet.

But it must be acknowledged that "Coming Out" is not always that easy. Depending on the situation, the area, the family. And this is evidenced lately by the suicides that seem to revolve around the admission of homosexuality, or the "outing" of such.

Please, if you are "in the closet" and need someone to talk to, there are many of us out there...

So, please..talk to us...talk to me...LIFE IS WORTH LIVING...whether IN or OUT of the closet.

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